Mike's opponent has never prosecuted or defended a criminal case,

and yet he is the

Republican, Democratic AND Conservative Party candidate. 

In the primary, he received almost 100% of the ultra-Orthodox "Bloc" vote.  

 A Rigged Race?

Vote "Row I" for Lt. Colonel (retired)

Mike Diederich

for Rockland County District Attorney

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With a grassroots effort, Mike's supporter were able to get him on the ballot.   Mike is on "Row I," the Serve Rockland line. Help Mike get elected, so that he can: 
  • Fight public corruption and back-room deals such as we have seen in the Town of Ramapo.  "What Happens in Ramapo will Not Stay in Ramapo!"   Mike's opponent appears beholden to special interests in Ramapo, including the "Bloc."  Mike has the independence, and the guts, to take on the special interest and corrupt elected officials. 
  • Prosecute organized, or individual, criminal schemes defrauding taxpayers.  This includes Medicaid,  welfare and other social services fraud.
  • Fight for sound secular education for ALL of Rockland's children.      
    • Religion teaches morals and faith.  If you are religious, encourage your children to study the Bible, the Torah, or the Koran, and to attend the religious school of your choice. 
    • But American children are entitled to the best of what both the religious and the secular worlds can offer.  Knowledge is vital to individuals and to democracy itself.
    • For success and self-fulfillment, in addition to religious teachings, children must also learn secular subjects such as history, literature, science and civics. The law requires this.
  • Employ the Grand Jury system to investigate and report on matters of vital concern, such as those mentioned above, where fact-finding and Grand Jury recommendations will advance the public interest.
  • The new "Serve America" (SAM) party is on the "H" line on the ballot, with candidates that include Democrats, Republicans and, like Mike, independents.    This year, vote Rows "H" and "I" on the bottom of the ballot.