Mike Carey, Rockland County Independence Party Chairman

Mr. Carey wrote on CWTDWTYK:

"... speaking NOT as the leader of the Independence Party but as a private citizen, I am happy to let you know that I will be casting my own personal vote for Michael Diederich.  I encourage the members of all parties to come together in a bipartisan manner this November and do likewise. The future of Rockland County just may hang in the balance.  Best Regards, Mike Carey

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Democratic and Republican voters

Loyal Democrats say "Why am I forced to vote for the Republican candidate, Mr. Walsh?" 

Loyal Republicans and Conservatives say:  "Why am I forced to vote for a life-long Democrat, Mr. Walsh?"


Both Democrats and Republicans ask:  Why must I vote for the Bloc candidate?  And why did Mr. Walsh receive almost 99% of the Hasidic vote in the primary?

Most Democratic, Republican and Conservative voters endorse the idea that a District Attorney should NOT be guided by politics, and should not be beholden to special interests.  Most endorse the concept that the IDEAL DA is a person who is politically independent.  That person is Serve Rockland candidate Mike Diederich.