A practicing attorney who has prosecuted court marital cases for the US Army and fought corruption through taxpayer lawsuits, Mike will prosecute the betrayal of public trust by political officials, regardless of their political "insider" status, and he will prosecute the leaders of corrupt organizations when the criminal law is violated such as through conspiracies or racketeering.


Mike will take a hands-on approach to fighting corruption in the courtroom. Mike's DA Office will work with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office to fight corruption, organized crime and racketeering.  Mike will use Preet Bharara's approach to criminal prosecution, expressed in Mr. Bharara's book "Doing Justice," as a model approach to fighting organized crime and corruption.


An informed, educated citizenry is vital to our American democracy.  Mike will prosecute the crime of endangering the welfare of children, including intentional deprivation of the basic education required by the N.Y.S. Education Law.   

Ignorance is not bliss.  It is the reason we are facing a measles epidemic today, with the resurgence of a disease that had be eradicated in the United States.  County Executive Ed Day, State Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and our county Health Department have been doing a fine job trying to convince ill-informed people of the need for immunizations to protect ALL who live here in Rockland. As District Attorney, Mike will support local state of emergency declarations regarding the measles epidemic.

Religious leaders' refusal to permit sound secular education, including education in history, science and civics results in individuals who are unable, through the lack of education, to understand the individual citizen's civic duty to participate in our democracy as informed, educated voters. 

Bloc voting, dictated by religious leaders, is anti-democratic voting, because it does not involve rational decision-making by individuals, but instead involves following the dictates of a religious hierarchy.  This is a form of Church-controlled autocratic rule that violates the Establishment Clause principle that Church and State must remain separate. Its effect is essentially to create the
de facto religious municipalities of New Square, Kaser and Kiryas Joel (now the Town of Palm Tree).


Religious belief is an absolute right.  So too is the First Amendment's guarantee that in secular affairs (governance) religion will not be "established."  


Mike's military and civil rights background, including travel throughout the world and service in two combat zones, gives him insight into terrorism and extremist groups that he will use to protect our citizens against terrorist attacks, whether foreign or domestic.  He will make sure that his DA office works closely with the FBI and national security agencies in this regard.


Rockland county's taxpayers face the 2nd highest property tax burden of any county in the United States.*  Roughly half of our county’s property tax pays for Medicaid alone.** Mike will keep money in taxpayers’ wallets by prosecuting Medicaid and other social services fraud, especially systemic and organized fraud.   

To protect taxpayers, Mike will work with public officials of both political parties to fight for taxpayers and for good government.  He will work closely with County Executive Ed Day (a Republican) and County Sheriff Lou Falco (a Democratic) and with Democratic and Republican local town and village officials.  Protecting taxpayers and the public fisc (treasury) must be a bipartisan effort.


Mike will prosecute violent crime, gang activity and hate crimes while protecting victims. Anti-Semitic hate crime is rising, and will not be tolerated. 

Mike will prosecute the physical abuse of the weak and vulnerable, and not tolerate domestic violence.  He will take special efforts to protect women and children who are unaware that agencies of government are available to help.

Mike will proactively work with leaders of diverse communities within the county to promote awareness and mutual understanding with the goal of reducing conflict, hatred and violence.  Education is an important means for allowing people to better understand and respect other peoples' cultures and religious beliefs.


Abuse of opioids is a a huge problem.  Let's not re-victimize victims.  Avoiding addiction in the first place and rehabilitation of people who have become addicted are vital.  Mike supports the Hope Not Handcuffs program’s approach of getting low level offenders into treatment programs while vigorously prosecuting dealers.


Mike will work with municipalities to better enforce building and fire codes, especially when violation threaten people's safety, by working with municipalities to hold unscrupulous landlords accountable. His District Attorney’s office will prosecute racketeering and conspiracies by developers or landlords who seek to profit by putting the public at risk.


As originally proposed by State Assemblyman Ken Zebrowkski, the Rockland District Attorney’s Office will establish an inter-agency task force with the NY State Attorney General, Department of Environmental Conservation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect our aquifers, our natural resources and wildlife.