• Mike Diederich Jr.

Is a Storm Brewing? Is it the result of Democratic and Republican Political leaders' self-interest?

As a Democrat, I sought to run against Letitia James for Attorney General last year. I expressed my interest to Governor Cuomo’s office. But the “fix was in.” I was a very qualified candidate and military veteran, yet I was excluded from consideration without even a return phone call. Today, the biggest “party politics” in New York State is either receiving the Bloc vote or devising a means to overcome it. The local Republican Party’s video “A Storm is Coming” and the swift Democratic response by the Governor and the Attorney General are “politics as usual." The outrage and rancor were predictable. The inflaming of emotions on both sides by calculated design. This is what is wrong with our politics today. And this is why am running for DA not as a Democrat, but as an independent. The political leadership in our county and our state is failing the people badly. The People need to take back their government from the political elite who serve only themselves and their special interest benefactors. The political corruption in Rockland is palpable. This year, local party politics has allowed the same (under-qualified) person to be the Democratic AND Republican candidate for District Attorney. Mr. Walsh received close to 99% of the ultra-Orthodox “Bloc” vote in the Democratic primary. He’s the Democratic Party’s man. Yet he is also the Republican Party’s candidate, chosen by the same local Republic leadership that created the “A Storm is Coming” video. Will Mr. Walsh express abhorrence at the “Storm” video as the Democratic leadership has done? Or will he embrace it, recognizing that the local Republican leadership created it? Will he seek and obtain the Bloc vote this November? Or will he seek and obtain the anti-Bloc vote? Or will he simply hope voters remain blissfully uninformed and vote a straight party line, as he’s secured the major party lines? As a retired Army officer, a civil rights attorney and a public citizen, I need your help to get elected, so that I can then to get religion and politics OUT of governance. So that I can prosecute corruption, and prosecute slumlords who create dangerous housing and fire hazards, and prosecute systemic fraud. And prosecute hate crimes and crimes against women, children and the powerless. If I am elected District Attorney, my office will work to protect ALL the people of Rockland County, not the special interests and political deal-makers.

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