• Mike Diederich Jr.

The Conservative/Liberal, Republican/Democrat Chameleon Candidate vs. the Independent DA Candidate

Your Choices for District Attorney: The Political cronies' candidate,

or independent "Serve Rockland" candidate Mike Diederich

What does Mr. Walsh, my DA opponent, stand for? What are his values? He is not an incumbent. He has no experience trying criminal cases as a prosecutor or as a defense counsel. So how did he become the official candidate of both the Democratic and Republican parties for the job of District Attorney?

Back room deals? With political kingmakers? With select religious leaders? With special interests?

Almost 99% of the ultra-Orthodox community vote for him in the June 2019 Democratic primary. Was this because of his credentials? Is my opponent’s biggest credential the expectation that he will support the ultra-Orthodox community and the politicians that enable that community’s leadership to defy the “American values” cultural expectations of the rest of us? The ultra-Orthodox leadership insists upon insularity. They promote intellectual ignorance by denying their youth the required State-mandated secular curriculum. The politicians allow this abuse of children, and this undermining of our society, our democracy and the rule of law.

The consequences are huge. Rockland County is the Titanic heading toward catastrophe. The icebergs that will sink us are corruption, political patronage and criminally organized disregard for the law as we see in the Town of Ramapo.

I am running for DA as an independent because I think that most Rocklanders will agree that:

1) we need a DA who will fight political and institutional CORRUPTION in ROCKLAND,

2) what is happening in the Town of RAMAPO is UNSUSTAINABLE, for example:

a) the disregard for zoning law, and the building & fire code violations that threaten residents’ and firefighters’ safety

b) abuse of social welfare programs such as Medicaid and food stamps

c) the increasing number of multi-million dollar lawsuits filed against local governments, and thus taxpayers, under RLUIPA and other civil rights laws

d) creating municipalities de facto governed by religious leaders demanding insularity and opposed to cultural diversity and secular knowledge. This is an iceberg that will eventually sink us all. Our Nation protects all religious beliefs, but the Bill of Rights also demands that religion be kept apart from civil governance.

3) political cronyism and the BLOC VOTING threatens Rockland’s governance and its future--

people need to vote their own conscience as informed, educated individuals.

Because of the political cronyism and Bloc voting described above, the ballot for District Attorney this year will essentially read:


*** Democrat/Liberal: WALSH

*** Republican/Conservative: WALSH

*** ultra-Orthodox Bloc: WALSH

*** Serve Rockland: DIEDERICH

Why is Mr. Walsh on the Democratic, Republican and Conservative lines? It is not his superior qualifications. Rather, it is the result of back room deal-making that betrays the voters’ trust in our political system.

Come Election Day, if Rockland’s voters keep their heads glued to Fox News or CNN, and vote straight party lines, my opponent, Mr. Walsh, will win in a landslide. On the other hand, if Rockland’s voters recognize that this year the election has been rigged against them, and that the County’s future is at stake, they will elect me.

Rockland County needs an independent District Attorney. I will be that DA. So please help me spread the word. Please put a sign on your lawn: “Serve Rockland – Diederich for DA”. Make a donation. Volunteer for the campaign. And please come out and vote for me on Election Day!

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