Why Vote For Mike?

Mike Diederich
is the independent "Serve Rockland" candidate


Powerful interests sought to rig this election, with the Democratic and Republican DA candidate being the same person.  This would have deprived the voters of a choice on Election Day.

Moreover, special interests and the religious "Bloc" leadership think they have already chosen the next district attorney.  They want our county to continue traveling in the wrong direction, because the special interests benefit by the status quo.  The County is like the Titanic heading toward icebergs, and it needs a Mike Diederich to take the helm and steer it to safer waters.

Here are some reasons why real change is needed:


  • The same person--with no criminal trial experience--has become BOTH the Democratic and Republican (and Conservative) candidate for District Attorney.  This would have given the voters no choice in November, for the most powerful elective office in the county.  Who will this "Rep-Dem" candidate fear, and who will he favor?  Not you the public.  He will owe his special interest supporters, and especially the Bloc.  In contrast, Mike's loyalty will be to you, the citizens of Rockland.

  • Mike's civil rights and military background give him exceptional insight into the most important issues facing Rockland and our future.  With this, he can help with solutions to the root causes of our most serious risks.   

  • An ever-increasing number of ultra-Orthodox children are receiving almost no secular education at all, in blatant violation of the New York State Education Law.  This endangers both the children's future and our democracy.

  • Taxpayers countywide are being forced to bear the cost of the huge amounts of welfare being paid to the residents of communities such as New Square, Kaser, and Monsey.  Abuse of the welfare system is growing here and elsewhere.  Secular education reduces poverty, which in turn reduces the need for Medicaid and other forms of welfare payments.

  • Housing and fire code violations threaten citizens' and firefighters' safety, especially in the town of Ramapo.  Zoning laws are disregarded, diminishing the quality of life.  Mike with work with public officials such as Democratic State Senator James Skoufis, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (who is no longer running for DA) and Republican County Executive Ed Day to ensure that the public and firefighters are not endangered, and our quality of life preserved. 

  • Communities are being threatened with lawsuits alleging “religious discrimination” and violation of "RLUIPA."

  • Suburban residents are worried that they may be forced to sell their homes and move out of Rockland, as taxes rise and property values decline. 

  • Bloc voting, dictated by religious leaders, is anti-democratic voting, because it does not involve informed, educated decision-making by individuals but instead involves a form of autocratic rule.  Its effect is to create religious
    municipalities (New Square and Kaser) in violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution. 

As an Army Officer and as a lawyer, Mike has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the New York State and U.S. Constitutions.  One person cannot solve all of the problems.  Yet as district attorney, Mike will have the ability to take action to encourage law-abiding conduct and discourage antisocial behaviors.  Rockland is the ship Titanic, headed toward the icebergs, and Mike is the only candidate advocating a change of direction, to safer waters.  Mike is the only candidate willing to take on the powerful political and special interests.


Mike Diederich has the vision, the integrity and the guts to help save our ship Rockland from becoming the Titanic.

Please vote for Mike Diederich on the Serve Rockland line on Election Day.